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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Same Same but Different

Jenny & Adam

NARITA, Japan // We have come to the end of another leg of our journey. Phase one was USA road trips, then Hawaii, and now we have completed our Southeast Asia leg. There is a saying we picked up here called, “Same Same”. If you asked someone, “Should we go here or here tonight for dinner?”, they would answer, “Same Same.” In truth, they are similar but can be drastically different. 

That is how I feel, “Same Same, but different.” I am the same person as I was before. I look the same, perhaps a few pounds lighter, a few shades darker, and a bit less stressed, but overall same body. Same personality and favorite foods. The same things make me laugh though I probably laugh more easily now than before. Same values and beliefs. If you saw me you would say I am the same, but like a glacial drift my core has shifted and I can’t go back to the way it used to be. I have a different view on my world based on experiences I have had traveling. I have a new appreciation for the luxuries in my life. I have adopted a new perspective on how the US is viewed by the world and how I view the rest of the world. I have defined my beliefs where before I never had the time to truly question them or defend them. My internal dialogue is kinder and calmer. I have gained sight of my priorities and what I want to create in my life going forward. 

These are good changes, permanent ones that could cause more debate in my life but also strengthen my voice and character. I welcome all discussion on any topic you care to discuss and will give my honest thoughts. 

Oh, and the biggest difference, as I write this I have a scrunchy in my hair and for the life of me I cant remember why I ever stopped wearing them. Thanks Tokyo for bringing scrunchies back into my life