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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Taking a Break

Jenny & Adam

MOSCOW, Russia // We finally got our sleep schedule back to normal and now it was time to leave. We had a nice break from traveling back in the United States for 2 weeks that was well needed. We got to see family, friends, and a sense of home feeling for a while. We reorganized our gear and finally got a chance to relax while realizing how grateful we are for all of the people in our life. 

When traveling long term you are constantly worrying where you are going to sleep, where are you going to eat, and do I have enough of the local currency to get by for another day or do I need to go hunt for an ATM? You worry about safety, travel logistics, and wonder if your laptop and camera are locked up in the room while you are gone. Internet is inconsistent, and there is a constant stress of not having enough bottled water. There were many times where we had to go out on the streets right before bed to get water to drink and brush our teeth with. We got a chance to stop worrying and stressing about these unusual travel problems for these two weeks. 

When we arrived back in the US, our bags were full of souvenirs and stuff that we no longer needed for the rest of our travels. It was convenient for us to sort through everything, reorganize our bags and thoughts before heading back to Asia. We now only have one bag each that is about three quarters full. 

We have always thought in the back of our minds that a trip around the world is not complete without visiting India. We are on our way with a one month visa to travel and backpack through India before we arrive in Kathmandu for a hike through the Himalayas.