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The Golden Hour

Jenny & Adam

RAILAY, Thailand // In photography the "Golden Hour" is the moment when all photographs dance in magical sunlight. Perhaps that is why I chose this time everyday to get my Thai massage. A professional massage from a legitimately certified masseuse in Thailand is about 550 Baht // 15 USD for an hour. I purposely didn’t get massages my last year in NYC in order save up so that I could splurge on massages in Thailand. This is Ati, she has been my Thai massage therapist for over a week. She is strong and has magical hands. 

Before Thailand I had zero experience with Thai massage but I am a true believer now. The traditional Thai massage is more than just physical, but works to create energy balance between mind and body. The benefits include improved circulation, release of muscle tension, deep relaxation, pain relief, improved neurological functions, blockage release, stimulating of internal organs, increased mobility and flexibility, as well as stress relief. It feels like intense stretching. You remain fully clothed and they use no oils. They apply deep pressure for 3 seconds and then release. After just 10 days I feel like I have grown an inch in height due to improved posture and muscle tension relief. Even after 10 hours of massage Ati is still working to release tension in my shoulders and hip flexors from years of sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day. 

Everyday just as the golden hour begins to set in, I climb the steps to her second floor studio that overlooks the beach and watch the sun set out the open windows. There is always a constant sea breeze to cool me off, and whenever I don’t think I can handle the pressure, I focus on my breath and the sun and I survive. I live for my daily massage, my own personal golden hour. It’s also the perfect activity for the end of a long day of rock climbing.