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Play // Liverpool Rummy Card Game

Jenny & Adam

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio // I am always looking for new card games to entertain myself with and Grandma is a wealth of knowledge. Below is a game she taught us while we were waiting for our "Lazy Man's Cabbage" to cook (separate blog post soon on how to make that yummy Polish dish) called Liverpool Rummy.

The game requires two full decks of cards including jokers. Jokers are wild cards. The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand and like golf, lowest score wins.

You play 7 different rounds:

  1. Two Sets // 10 cards
  2. One Set and One Run // 10 cards
  3. Two Runs // 10 cards
  4. Three Sets // 11 cards
  5. Two sets and One Run // 11 Cards
  6. Two runs and one Set // 11 cards
  7. Three Runs // 12 cards

A Run: is four cards in a row of the same suit // 6-7-8-9 (hearts) or 10-J-Q-K (spades)

A Set: is three cards of the same type of any suit // 10-10-10 or K-K-K 

Jokers can be used anywhere in your run or set. You can pick up from the discard pile out of turn only if the person who’s turn it is does not want the discard. You can only pick up a card out of turn 3 times in one round and when you do take a card out of turn you must also pick up extra card from the deck. There is no digging back into the discard pile. You only have the one opportunity. You can only set down your cards when you have all your sets and runs ready to put down. (This is different from regular rummy). You end with a discard. The winner who discards would score zero. Any cards you are holding in your hand get scored:

  1. 1-9 // 5 points
  2. 10-K // 10 points
  3. Ace // 15 points
  4. Joker // 20 points

After 7 rounds whoever has the lowest score wins!

I feel like this is getting wordy, so google it, but its a great simple game that takes a few hours to play since it has so many different rounds. And don't let Grandma sweet charm fool you. She is one heck of a card shark.