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What to Pack

Jenny & Adam

SOLON, Ohio // What do you pack for 6 to 12 months of traveling? We had everything laid out on my parents basement floor and everything fit into our bags pretty easily. Between a 70 liter pack and a 40 liter pack, we fit all of our clothes, rock climbing gear, and trekking supplies.

It was difficult because although you can buy simple things like a toothbrush and deodorant abroad, there are certain things that if you forget to pack, you may not always find in rural Cambodia or on an island in Malaysia. Objects like a red scuba diving lens for a GoPro camera, 300 malaria pills (from a trusted pharmacy), extra batteries for a Canon Rebel T2i camera, a Petzl Grigri (for climbing), our scuba dive licenses, and a handful of other stuff would have been a pain to find abroad or be mailed to us. 

The alarm is set for 3:30 am and all the bags are by the front door. 

Packing List:

Passport, flip flops, walking shoes, keens shoes, pants, shorts, dry fit shirts, t-shirts, hoody, underwear, hat, smartwool socks, dive journal, diving license, scuba mask, snorkel, lock, travel towel, raincoat, Malaria medicine, deodorant, clif bars, swimsuit, neosporin, band aids, nail clippers, headlamp, sunscreen, aloe vera, travel journal, ukulele

Climbing Gear:

60 m rope, 2 pair climbing shoes, 2 harnesses, 10 quickdraws, 6 locking carabiners, 3 nylon slings, 2 prusiks, 2 ATCs, 4 bail biners, 1 chalk bag, 1 Grigri, Thailand Climbing Guide by Sam Lightner Jr.