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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Learn and Play

Jenny & Adam

NEWNAN, Georgia // A few years ago I started this tradition with my friends on their birthdays where I ask them to give me three words that they want to focus on for the upcoming year (rules are flexible). At first it was just a joke but over the years I’ve come to enjoy looking back to see what was important to everyone at a give point in time. My three words for my 30th year of life are // Learn and Play.

Learn // Learn about my past. Learn about my grandparents. Learn about what’s important to me, who I am, and what I stand for. Learn skills. Learn survival skills. Learn to farm. Learn to fly. Learn pottery. Learn to create.

Play // Play and laugh everyday. Don’t take life too seriously. Find play in all aspects of the day. Play corn hole, ping pong, tennis, cribbage, and poker. Play with Maddie and on playgrounds or at the gym. Play with fishing poles and card games. Find laughter that makes your cheeks and belly ache. The kind of laughter that runs down your leg while racing wheel chairs up and down your grandma’s driveway. Treat everyday like its your birthday filled with celebration.

Birthday words recorded over the past few years: 

  • Confident life decisions // AH // 2013
  • Travel + +, Learn, Build // KY // 2013
  • Survive and Advance // JG // 1-17-14
  • Weird, Unexpected, Exciting // KY // 1-31-14
  • Year of yes // AS // 2014
  • Work life balance // CA // 8-21-14
  • Do more situps // MH // 11-20-14
  • Courage and Confidence // MW // 1-17-15
  • Learn some Chinese // KY // 1-17-15
  • Create bold experiences // MW // 4-16-15
  • Organized free time // AH // 5-3-15
  • Do more stuff // PG // 5-3-15
  • Simplify, Save, Go // AS // 5-16-15 
  • Celebrate, Achieve, Relationships // CA // 5-16-15
  • Diversify my portfolio // SE // 9-5-15
  • Tremendous, Distinguished, Jubilant // MS // 9-24-15
  • Similar but different // unknown 
  • Learn and Play // JS // 11-27-2015