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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


The Big Year

Jenny & Adam

WEDOWEE, Alabama // Movie Plot // Three men are searching for something and find themselves on the same quest called // The Big Year. Its a prestigious competition among “birders” to find the most species of birds in North America in one calendar year completely on the honor system. Starring: Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black. 

Though its a comedy and satire of the “birding” community I found myself longing to be a birder. In fact I have started a Bird Life List to see how many I can see in my lifetime. Its not so much that I love birds but that these people have a passion that gives their life purpose. Birding also requires people to go out into the wild, travel, and as a result find adventure. Looking for birds reminds me of the saying "stop and smell the roses". You literally have to stop and listen and look around you.

Everyone is searching for something. I find that this is the same quest Adam and I are on // To go out into the world and see what we can see so we have affectionately been calling our year of travel // The Big Year. 

The Big Year winner spotted 755 different species in one year. We are well on our way to our 2016 resolution to see 100 birds by the end of the year.

  1. Brown Thrasher // Wedowee, Alabama
  2. Shriker // Wedowee, Alabama
  3. Swallow // Wedowee, Alabama
  4. Cardinal // Wedowee, Alabama
  5. Great Blue Heron // Wedowee, Alabama
  6. Warbler // Wedowee, Alabama
  7. Finch // Wedowee, Alabama
  8. Red Headed Wood Pecker // Wedowee, Alabama
  9. Blue Jay // Wedowee, Alabama
  10. Bald Eagle // Wedowee, Alabama
  11. Ruby Throated Humming Bird // Newnan, Georgia
  12. Canadian Goose // Solon, Ohio
  13. Red Bellied Woodpecker // Solon, Ohio
  14. Black-Capped Chickadee // Solon, Ohio
  15. Northern Cardinal // Solon, Ohio
  16. Coopers Hawk // Columbus, Ohio
  17. Wild Turkey // Bentleyville, Ohio
  18. Pigeon // Atlanta Airport, Georgia
  19. Zebra Dove // Kahalui, Hawaii
  20. Common Myna // Pukalani, Hawaii
  21. Red-Crested Cardinal // Pukalani, Hawaii
  22. Java Sparrow // Pukalani, Hawaii
  23. House Sparrow // Haleakala, Hawaii
  24. Japanese White-eye // Haleakala, Hawaii
  25. Nene // Haleakala, Hawaii
  26. House Finch // Kihei, Hawaii
  27. Spotted Dove // Pukalani, Hawaii
  28. Maui Rooster // Kula, Hawaii
  29. Hen // Kula, Hawaii
  30. Ring-necked Pheasant // Kula, Hawaii
  31. Cattle Egret // Pu’unene, Hawaii
  32. Hawaiian Coot // Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge
  33. Hawaiian black necked stilt // Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge
  34. Laysan Albatross // Pololu Valley lookout Big Island Hawaii
  35. White-Tailed Tropicbird or Koa’e Kea // Volcanoes National Park Big Island Hawaii
  36. Wedge-Tailed Shearwater // Kameole Beach Park III, Hawaii
  37. Melodious Laughing Thrush // Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
  38. Northern Cardinal Female // Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
  39. White Rumped Shama // Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
  40. Sandpiper // Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
  41. Red Footed Booby // Kalalau Trail, Kauai
  42. Barn Owl // Pukalani, Hawaii
  43. Common Waxbill // Sandy Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii
  44. Red-Vented Bulbul // Manana Waterfall Trail, Oahu, Hawaii
  45. Jungle Myna // Railay, Thailand
  46. White-vented Myna // Railay, Thailand
  47. Eurasian Tree Sparrow // Krabi, Thailand
  48. Easter Cattle Egret // Krabi, Thailand
  49. Pacific Cattle Egret // Railay, Thailand
  50. Blue Whistling Thrush // Railay, Thailand
  51. Mangrove Pitta // Railay, Thailand
  52. Mangrove Blue Flycatcher // Tonsai, Thailand
  53. Black-capped Kingfisher // Tonsai, Thailand
  54. Buff-bellied Flowerpecker // Railay, Thailand