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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Snowed In

Jenny & Adam

DUBOIS, Wyoming // Driving across Wyoming in January we were lucky that our car had 4 wheel drive. We planned to drive from Boulder, Colorado to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but the weather had other plans. The drive was bad enough to Cheyenne, so we stopped and spent a night in Laramie, Wyoming. The following morning the highways were covered with snow and ice. We drove half the speed limit and realized our 4 hour trip would now be 8, and we would arrive at night once again, which we had been trying to avoid. Upon attempting to enter Teton National Park, there were blinking lights telling us that the pass through was closed. We backtracked to the tiny town of Dubois, found a room, and spent the night there.

Dubois has a population of about 900 people. We realized after the first day that everybody in town knew each other. The people in the coffee shop told us about the lady in the thrift store, the lady there told us about the waitress in the restaurant, who told us about the bartender, who told us about the owners of the hotel we were staying at. They were all good things, and made the trip very personal and enjoyable. From this we slowed our road trip down even more, based on our appreciation for the small random towns in America. As excited as we are to make it to the coast and down to California, we plan to take the long way and enjoy meeting as many other people as we can during this time we have. When life gives you closed roads, meet the locals.