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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Up the East Coast

Jenny & Adam

CLEVELAND, Ohio // With our new Subaru we are now able to live fully out of a car instead of a backpack. We can carry multiple books, bags, equipment, and food. We are able to control our mode of transportation however we want. There are no more bus tickets, train stations, taxis to airports, or comparing airline prices. It has made travel a lot easier, and being in the USA only adds to the lack of stress when traveling. Everyone speaks English. All currency is US dollars. We have access to internet almost everywhere. We don’t need to find SIM cards for our phones. We can make phone calls to our family. We can brush our teeth with tap water.

For a short while it is back on the road though. This however is just a short trip compared to the road trip that lies ahead for us after Christmas. All in all we were blessed with the ability to visit friends and family for the last few weeks and made the following stops en route to Cleveland up the east coast for Christmas:

Atlanta, Ga // Asheville, NC // Wytheville, VA // Leesburg, VA // Gettysburg, PA // Chestnut Hill, PA // Montclair, NJ // New York, NY // Pittsburgh, PA // Columbus, OH // Cleveland, OH

We did in fact pass through NYC once again, as it keeps calling us back for one reason or another. We spent one morning there having a very grateful brunch with our friends, but being there in NYC we felt collectively like tourists. It didn’t feel like our city. There were feelings of nostalgia but no feelings of belonging or regret that we had left.  

We arrived in Cleveland two weeks before Christmas and it’s good to be home for the holidays. We have the opportunity now to organize all of our stuff and repack the car while spending time with family. After New Years we are headed west, for a final road trip across the country, to the pacific northwest, then down the west coast. The final trip to find a new home.