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A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world



Jenny & Adam

AGRA, India // We've always seen photos of the Taj Mahal in magazines or online but today we saw it in real life. We had a driver for the day and he took us from New Delhi to Agra. Here, we got out of the car into a sea of chaos. We fail to realize in many places that we as foreigners are not the only tourists. There were thousands of Indian tourists that had made their way to Agra also to see their Taj Mahal.

After standing in a queue for a metal detector we passed through to a large courtyard and turned the corner to see the Taj in a silhouette through an archway gate. When we finally stood right in front of this mausoleum we inspected each individual stone that was carved, and fit like a puzzle piece into the side which made you appreciate this world renown structure even more. There's not really words to describe the Taj Mahal other than that it is a marvel to see, stand before, and appreciate all the work that went into building such a thing.

We were happy to not stay on Agra though and the trip back to Delhi was a long 3-4 hour drive along a surprisingly empty highway. It was the perfect activity after sleeping all day yesterday, and being jet lagged trying to adjust to a new sleep schedule.

Before going to bed we tried to navigate the hectic New Delhi train station and buy tickets to Jaipur. Considering yesterday we woke up at 3 am due to the jet lag, the 6:05 am train to Jaipur we booked for tomorrow sounds about perfect.