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Finding Nemo

Jenny & Adam

PERHENTIAN KECIL, Malaysia // It took a while to get to the Perhentian Islands, but in the end it was totally worth it. These islands are so far different from the Cameron Highlands and Penang, and was a perfect beach and diving spot for us towards the end of our trip. Unlike Labuan Bajo and Komodo, the Perhentian Islands are popular backpacker spots. People come here to relax and learn to dive, instead of come here specifically and only to dive. Since we are already licensed divers we didn’t have to wait through any of the learning process, and got to get right to the top dive sites in the 3 days we were here. 

Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil was full of backpackers and had a Peter Pan // lost boys type vibe. The entire beach was either dive shops, beach bars, or stage for fire shows that would last well into the night. 

Upon arriving to the island on speed boat we met a girl who was on her second trip here just to dive again with Turtle Bay Divers. We checked out this dive shop first and booked 4 dives. Each dive was only a 10-15 minute boat ride from shore and had a specific part that differentiated itself from other dives we have done in the past. The four dives we completed during our stay in Perhentian Kecil.

  • Shark Point // 17 Meters, 65 minutes, 5 black tip reef sharks, porcupine fish, clown fish
  • The Pinnacle // 25 meters, 50 minutes, white eye moral eel, indian ocean walkman, nudibranch, giant trevally, huge schools of snapper
  • Sugar Wreck // 20 meters, 58 minutes, wreck dive, crocodile flat fish, yellow tail barracuda 
  • T3 Terumba Tiga // 18 meters , 54 minutes, swim through dive approximately 5, sea turtle, blue spotted stingray, Jenny found first nudibranch, titan triggerfish

// Also on a side note, every dive in Malaysia we found a clownfish aka "Nemo"