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Back to Big Cities

Jenny & Adam

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia // It was back to the big city for us and finally time for a hostel experience that we have waited a long time for. Malaysia is packed with lots of activities just like Indonesia, but it all starts in “KL” 

After flight delays and a full day flying from Indonesia we landed at night in Kuala Lumpur, which at first glance looked super modern and clean. We checked into Reggae Mansion Hostel and joined up with a friend Bart from back home. We explored and wandered around the city for two days and planned our next few weeks around the country. During this time we got to see the Petronas Towers from Sky Bar, the fiirst bar we've been to in over a month. We got there around 6 o’clock, about an hour before sundown, to get great seats by the window. As the sun went down it began to rain and we watched as lighting struck the top of one of the towers looking like fireworks. 

The second day we navigated to a huge Hindu shrine called the Batu Caves by the public train system. It was 272 steps to the top to look out over Kuala Lumpur. There were monkeys and birds everywhere. Despite the signs that read “DO NOT feed monkeys”, many people were doing it anyways. It was so common that if you got close to monkeys with food they would snatch it right out of your hand. We watched an unsuspecting Chinese tourist eating a bag of potato chips looked shocks as a monkey blindly snatched her food from her face. 

The plan for the next few weeks is to bus to Cameron Highlands to hike for a few days, then bus to the historic city of Penang. From here we will plan our mid term flight back to the United States which will dictate our final few days in Asia.