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A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world



Jenny & Adam

Rome 2006 // study abroad 10 years ago

Rome 2006 // study abroad 10 years ago

CAT BA TOWN, Vietnam // 10 years ago my life was changed forever. I remember this very vividly because the date was 6/6/06. Today is 6/6/16. Exactly 10 years ago I was on a plane to Europe to do a study abroad in The Netherlands. It was the first time I left North America, fist time flying over an ocean, and first time alone in a foreign country. As I was on that plane I thought to myself, how ironic that this is happening on this day 6/6/06. I remember how culture shocked and afraid I was, and clueless about what to expect of the new environment. The whole scope of my existence up to that point revolved around where I grew up in Ohio and going to college in central Pennsylvania. The way I thought about the world changed on this trip to Europe. I was determined to make traveling the world one of the top priorities of my life. 

Ten years later my priorities have not changed, but my life is radically different. Living in New York City has desensitized both Jenny and I. We are no longer shocked at all the different people, customs, or places. Any city that we go to, whether it be Phnom Penh, Hanoi, or Vientiane, they are cities just like New York, and still have the same chaotic atmosphere. Even all the different people don't seem any more strange than going to Queens or Brooklyn on a random weekend.

I'm very happy how the last 10 years have turned out, but I now realize that I will never have the same feelings, excitement, and experiences while traveling that I had when I was younger and more naive to the world.