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Why Don Det?

Jenny & Adam


DON DET, Laos // Today I had my first little "why" breakdown. I'm not sure if it's the length of time we have been away or if it is the physical location we are currently in. Don Det is an island just over the border from Cambodia into Laos. It is one of over 4,000 islands created by the Mekong River. If you google image "Don Det Laos” some scenic photos pop up of happy people jumping off docks, inner tubes drifting in the current, bike rides across quaint bridges, and kayaking to waterfalls which all sound fun and exciting.

To me, the vibe of the island was deflated. Energy was low and some of the travelers seemed dazed perhaps from drugs or partying all night. Even the locals seemed tired of the tourists that support their economy. It was a place devoid of laughter or genuine feelings. There are no major day time activities to consume the hours, though we tried. We biked all over two islands making a day of bird watching with our binoculars, but otherwise people seem to just sit and be. 

I couldn’t figure out why I was in Don Det. Which led to questions like why am I traveling, and even bigger questions like why are any of us here? Was this homesickness? I don’t think so. We technically have no home since we moved out of NYC, though we have family we miss. Instead I think it is a fear that has been nagging at the back of my mind that this chapter of travel in our life was delaying our next chapter. Am I actually living the dream of traveling, or am I just pausing the real life I am supposed to be creating? Perhaps it doesn’t matter why I am in Don Det just that I appreciate everything I have and each day I am alive wherever I may be.