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First Aid Kit

Jenny & Adam

TONSAI, Thailand // At the end of 2 weeks of rock climbing in Thailand, I have sustained several injuries. The ironic part is that none of them are related to climbing at all. 

Injury 1 // Huge cut on shin // I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and hit my chin on the pointy side of the bed, sustaining a huge massive cut to the front of my leg.

Injury 2 // Horribly stubbed toe // I was walking on the beach observing the beautiful scenery and walked right into a large rock that had washed ashore during low tide. My toe has had about 3 bandaids on it for the past few days. 

Injury 3 // Burn to roof of mouth // Right on the beach next to the climbs of Tonsai beach there is a little restaurant that has curry bowls for 90 baht. This is about $2.57 in US dollars and the green curry with chicken is amazing. I would usually eat these for lunch and dinner numerous days in a row. After skipping lunch one day, I arrived at 3 o'clock so hungry from climbing and in 100 + degree weather started eating this hot and spicy green curry bowl. A scalding hot piece of eggplant hit my mouth but I was too hungry, and the curry was too good to stop eating. The next few days the roof of my mouth was in pain with everything I ate.

Injury 4 // Food poisoning // We went out to get mango fruit shakes one night and when we got back to the room Jenny was unable to keep anything down. I had a fever and woke up all sweaty but was fine in the morning. Jenny had horrible stomach cramps and fevers for the next 36 hours and spent it mostly in the air conditioned room in bed. She ate ritz crackers and water for the next two days. We found out a few days later that several people on the island had the same symptoms on the same exact days. 

Other than this, we have a few other minor cuts and bruises on our hands from climbing but no other major injuries. We haven't touched the first aid kit yet, and are very grateful for this. We met a climber who sprained their ankle on the second day and unable to climb for the entire 2 week trip they were here. This serves as a reminder to make us appreciate all the days of good health we have had while in Thailand so far.