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Long Days of Travel

Jenny & Adam

BANGKOK, Thailand // Our journey to southern Thailand leaving from Hawaii:

  • 8 hours, flight from Honolulu to Tokyo
  • 6  hours, layover Tokyo Narita Airport
  • 2 hours, flight Tokyo to Nagoya
  • 4 hours, layover Nagoya Airport
  • 6 hours, flight to Bangkok
  • 1 hour, taxi to Don Mueang airport in Bangkok
  • 4 hours, layover Bangkok Airport
  • 1 hour, flight Bangkok to Krabi
  • 30 minutes, bus to Ao Nang Pier
  • 15 minutes, boat ride to Railay beach
  • 15 minutes, walk to Railay East

We showed up in Thailand sleep deprived and in a zombie like delirious state. I felt like I was in a dream. The last day or two has been constant travel and required us to be focused and constantly on our "A game" as we like to call it. We had to go through customs and immigration not only upon entering Thailand, but also Japan, since we spent time there as well during our layovers. Filling out paperwork, navigating through airports, and keeping track of all of our stuff has been exhausting. 

Although not the quickest way to get to Thailand, I was really happy we went through Japan. We got Japan stamps in our passports now, and seeing the culture, eating the food, and wandering around the airports was really fun for me. Both Tokyo and Nagoya had huge observation decks where you can get food and go sit and watch the planes board and take off. We spent some time there also just to get fresh air and be outside.

We were both able to sleep on the majority of the flights, and there were no major incidents that stalled any of travels which we were very thankful for. In Nagoya, when we were checking in, they noticed that our flight was only one way. Because of no departing flight out of Thailand, we had to sign paperwork acknowledging this. Since there was free wifi in Nagoya, we decided to avoid any problems, just to book a cheap one way ticket to Cambodia just in case. In the end, I’m not really sure if this mattered or not. At immigration in Thailand, the guy looked at my passport for maybe 15 seconds, stamped it, and let me into the country. 

I think this will turn out to be a good choice in the long run. Our Thai visa expires in 30 days, and the ticket to Siem Reap (where we planned on going after Thailand anyway) was only 54 dollars. The timing will be right around when we need to leave Thailand, so we will see.

We took a taxi through Bangkok at 5 in morning and arrived at the other airport Don Mueang, which was packed. This is the final flight of the long journey to Krabi, which will lead us on to Railay and Tonsai where we plan on establishing as home base to rock climb and explore southern Thailand for the next few weeks.