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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Big Island Road Trip

Jenny & Adam

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii // We rented a car for 4 days and spent the time taking a road trip around the Big Island. Some of the stops were multiple coffee farms, the southern most tip of the United States, Volcanoes National Park, Hilo, Pahoa, Rainbow Falls, & Akaka Falls. Along with these places, we met several interesting people, stayed in unique accommodation, and had a chance to drive around the entire island on our own choosing where we stop and explore. 

We spent 2 nights on a coffee farm in a rustic cabin, 1 night in a popular hostel in Hilo, and another night in a tiny house off the grid in Pahoa. A few times we questioned our choices to stay in some of these places because they were not exactly the most comfortable or cleanest of options. The coffee farm shack seemed run down and was like indoor camping. The hostel was nice but extremely old, and the tiny house was something we were skeptical with from the start. It would have been a lot easier or nicer staying in a moderate hotel or going to the beach every day.

On this trip there are things that we end up doing or places where we have stayed, that at times are not the most relaxing or enjoyable. It sometimes feels weird because we know the alternative is easier and more "vacation like", but looking back, I find myself enjoying the uncomfortable and mixed emotions just as much as the other memories. These places and experiences we can learn from; what I want in my future and what I do not. Getting out of our comfort zone is one of our priorities this year, and the best way to do this is trying new things and embracing the unknown, even if it might not be as much fun or unenjoyable at first.