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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Homeward Bound

Jenny & Adam

ATHENS, Greece // At this point we are more excited to head back to the United States, see our families, and start a new life, than to continue traveling internationally for the time being. The travels will continue within the USA after a short break, but for now it is nice to see familiar faces and not have to live out of a suitcase day by day. The goal now is to work on organizing all of our photos and videos, buy a car, and plan a road trip to the west coast of the USA after New Years. 

There were ups and downs along the way while traveling. There were the good experiences along with the bad. There were things we may have slightly regretted, and there were spontaneous decisions we made that turned out to be great choices. There were also a lot of fun facts that we came up with on our long trip back:

  • Countries visited // 14 total countries
  • Flights taken // 42 total flights including transfers - 13 USA & Hawaii, 5 Thailand, 1 Laos, 3 Vietnam, 2 Indonesia, 1 Singapore, 1 Japan, 5 India, 2 Nepal, 2 Maldives, 1 United Arab Emirates, 6 Greece 
  • Hours spent on buses // 76 total hours - 26 Cambodia, 14 Laos, 6 Vietnam, 14 Malaysia, 10 Greece
  • Hours spent on trains // 50 total hours - 6 Vietnam, 18 Malaysia, 10 Japan, 16 India
  • Nights slept on boats // 20 total nights - 5 Thailand, 3 Indonesia, 7 Maldives, 5 Greece
  • Number of SCUBA Dives // 33 total dives - 13 Indonesia, 4 Malaysia, 16 Maldives
  • Rock routes climbed // 54 total climbs - 25 USA, 17 Thailand, 8 Laos, 4 Vietnam
  • Total birds logged and identified // 137 birds - see here
  • Coffee shops visited // 94 coffee shops - see here
  • Number of postcards sent // 215 post cards