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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


One Year Ago

Jenny & Adam

YAK KHARKA, Nepal // October 1, 2016. This marks exactly one year since we drove out of NYC and left our old lives behind. In discussing our thoughts of this overall trip we come to the conclusion that when we think about our old lives and the past 8 years we usually summarize them in the trips that we took and the vacations that we went on. We find it funny because the previous 8 years we feel that we have hardly done anything compared to the last 12 months, which make us feel really good about our choices. 

We constantly go back and look at photos and video from exactly one year ago and it feels crazy that this much time has already passed. Shockingly though we both feel more at ease, less stressed, and more self aware of our inner thoughts. The biggest fear one year ago today for me was that we were not going to accomplish this trip and all of the things we have planned. At month 6 sitting in Hoi An, Vietnam we looked at each other and felt pretty content at everything we had done. If the trip stopped then, we would have been ok. The trip went on as planned and we looked at each other again in Japan a few hours before heading back to the USA, and thought that if we were just to call the trip complete, it would have exceeded our expectations. 

Then we flew back to India for more adventure.

We collectively decided that in November, this trip, at least the international part of it will most likely be over. We realize that not everyone likes to travel, backpack, and go on long trips. For us, it was exactly what we wanted in our life, and it turned out to be perfect. For us, we can confidently say that this has been a good life choice to take this big trip. At this point I can say I truly have no regrets.