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Jenny & Adam

PUKALANI, Hawaii // Since we have quit our jobs we find ourselves rich in time. With this excess of time we have been able to focus on the idea of putting ourselves first. Whether this be time exercising or stretching. Time breathing or meditating for 5 minutes. Time reading or doing cardio. Taking the extra 3 minutes to floss at night or journal in the morning. I forget how easily it is to let self slip down the to-do list but self is all we entered the world with and self will be the only thing we leave with so whatever you are doing today try to fit in room for yourself even if its just a piece of dark chocolate to make your soul smile.

Today // Run // HIT // Swim

There is a local community center and pool in upcountry Maui that is about a 15 minute run from my grandparents house.

We run down to the park and do a few laps around the perimeter then we do a HIT (High-intensity Interval Training) workout that my sister-in-law told me about from instagram. The workouts are by Kayla_Itsines and she posts workouts every now and then. We have been doing her PLYO Session workout that she posted 6 days ago. I have no idea why and I'm hoping its the altitude but Adam and I really struggle through this workout. It burns in your thighs and bum like no other 10 minute workout I’ve done before. 

After that we swim laps in the pool. Yesterday I could only do 10 laps. Today we did 20. I struggled through the first 6 but then found my groove. My breathing calmed and my strokes felt natural. I had forgotten how much fun it was to play in the water and it was even more fun to see improvements.

All in the entire circuit took an hour and the total cost was $0 and on top of that the view of Maui was priceless.