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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


Small Towns

Jenny & Adam

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi // Small towns are often full of the largest characters and the biggest hearts which is why they became some of our favorite spots on the road trip.

After a month on the road Adam's beard needed grooming and we drove around Clarksdale, MS until we spotted Marty's Barbershop off of the main street. Marty was in his 70s and the walls of his shop were decorated with photos and medals. Turns out Marty has run 24 marathons with his favorite being the Stockholm Sweden Marathon. He ran it in 3 hours and 13 minutes at the age of 53. Marty told us about how Archie Manning grew up nearby and after he retired from the NFL he opened a shoe shop that used to be across the street for many years. Small towns remember their hometown heroes.

Every day we ate breakfast at the only place in Jasper, AR that was open called the Blue Mountain Bakery & Cafe. According to the city limit sign Jasper has a population of only 446 and we ate breakfast with three of those locals every morning. Egg sandwiches, pumpkin muffins, and biscuits and gravy were the most popular menu items. The owner who also worked as the waitress and chef always greeted us with a smile. After our second day she already asked if we wanted our usual because she remembered what we ordered the day before. When we got sandwiches to go for lunch later that afternoon she packed everything in separate zip lock bags so that the lettuce, tomato and pickles wouldn't make our sandwiches soggy. At one point Adam and I were both on our cell phones catching up on the news with the free WiFi in the cafe and one of the older locals came over and told us to, "Get off your dang phones and talk to each other." At this point we began to laugh with him and he told us the story of his life and of the small town we were in. Everyone was so friendly and talkative, and the pumpkin muffins were to die for.

Most people (including ourselves) have never even heard of Jasper or Clarksdale, but these towns we found to be so unique and fun throughout our road trip. Making stops at these random towns, and middle of nowhere America, turned out to be the source of some our best memories of this trip across the country.