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A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world


MAR 1967

Jenny & Adam

NEWNAN, Georgia // MAR 1967 // This is the inscription on the back of my grandpa's watch that was issued to him during the Vietnam War. I found it corroded and moldy in his old Air Force footlocker. I cleaned it with toothpicks, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and Qtips. I bought a new pin for $3.50. I also tried to put a new battery in it, which my grandfather laughed about when I told him since it's a wind up watch. Now it sits on my wrist ticking the time away just as it had for my Grandpa over 45 years ago. Adam and I plan to visit Vietnam during our trip to Southeast Asia next year and I plan on taking this watch back for a second visit. 

Part of the reason we wanted to spend a month at home in both Georgia and Cleveland was so we could spend some quality time with our grandparents. Adam and I both went out of state for college, and NYC was also an airplane ride away from our families for the last 7 years. We came up with this idea to interview and video record our grandparents stories. This is why we went through my grandpa's old footlocker. I have always heard the stories, but as we sat down with Grandma and Grandpa Shular I realized that they were like icebergs, and I only had ever seen a small piece of a much bigger picture. Your stories inspire me and I'm so proud to be your granddaughter. 

Dedicated to our Grandparents - I'm sorry it took us so long to ask and truly listen to your life stories. Thank you for sharing your memories and photos with us. They will be cherished forever and will never be forgotten.