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Where We Journal

A series of our inner thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters, & observations, as we interact with the people of the world



Jenny & Adam

HOLCOMB VALLEY, California // In our recent travels we found ourselves surrounded by new faces, listening to new stories, and we realized that across the country people are impacted by tiny random moments. The irony is that the impactor in the stories are often times unaware of the effect they have.

We ate dinner with an extremely talented musician in Santa Barbara. We asked when he first started playing guitar and he said he got hooked at camp one year when he heard You Are My Sunshine played. He knew at that moment he had to play the guitar and he hasn't put down stringed instruments since.

We met the boys 16 frisbee champion of the world as well as his extremely talented aerial dance sister. They organized a rubber band attack on the housemates post dinner that took everyone completely off guard. One person mounted a counter attack and then the war was on. Play. Contagious, infectious, belly aching laughter filled play. The smiles on everyones faces impacted what I want my life to include everyday.

A rock climber next to us in Holcomb Valley, California almost died and what's ironic is that it seemed we were more impacted by the event than he was. The gravity of the situation was shockingly unapparent to the climber and his group which was also scary. He had set up a rappel off an 80 foot set of bolts at the top of a climb. After a closer look we realized there was a fatal error in his set up. The second end of his rope was still 70 feet off the ground (it should be at least touching the ground) and there was no back up knot at the end of it, no prusik, and no one at the bottom giving him a fireman backup. We pointed out and corrected these faults and helped him safely to the ground. If he had rappelled without the changes he would have free fallen 70 feet to the rocks below. It was a stark reminder that climbing can be extremely dangerous if certain standard safety steps are overlooked. I don't think I will ever forget this man's face. Luckily Adam and I always take the time to triple check each other every step of the way, and I feel extremely confident in the safety steps we have learned over the past 6 years of climbing.

This got me thinking though. We interact with people everyday. Some moments impact me and I am impacting others with my actions and don't even know it. The ordinary moments to you could in actuality be very influential in someone else's life.