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Video Episodes

Driving out of New York City

Jenny & Adam

NEW YORK, New York // The day finally arrived. All of our stuff was packed in the living room and ready to go. We went to the Bronx at 6 am to rent a truck, loaded up, and drove out of Manhattan. It was emotional and nostalgic as we left our neighborhood on the Upper West Side. We had a lot of thoughts and memories that we will cherish, but it was time to move on. Our dream and goal is to travel, and it's finally coming true.

From New York City we made stops to visit family in Washington DC and Cleveland.

Coming next // We fly to Georgia to visit more family and pick up the car to start our road trip across the United States to California.

Leaving New York City

Jenny & Adam

NEW YORK, New York // Along with the countless photos taken on the way, we are also trying to document our journey with video; the good, the bad, the unexpected, the life lessons, and the times we don't ever want to forget.

On lots of our trips in the past, we have taken so much video footage that we can never sort through the hours upon hours that were taken. To document our travels throughout the next year we are attempting to piece together all the footage into 5-10 minute short films. Months or years from now these will serve as priceless memories, and help us remember the countless moments, feelings, and emotions along the way.

This first video shows us packing our things, talking about resigning from our jobs, and thoughts about leaving New York. 

Coming next // driving out of Manhattan and a road trip across the United States.